No matter the industry the goal in business is, for the most part, to land the big deal. For gun manufacturer Sig Sauer, the big deal was won in 2016 when the company secured a massive contract with the United States Army for the P320.

Problems arose when the Sig Sauer pistol was later found to go off by itself if impacted at a certain angle. However, the gun manufacturer decided to move forward with the deal despite this finding. Raising the question – what is more important? Money or safety?

A Popular Choice But Not a Safe Choice?

If the United States Army chooses to use a certain pistol, other entities such as law enforcement, are sure to follow suit. Meaning, this mega deal ultimately provided both the military and police officers with defective guns.

As a result, many accidents with the Sig Sauer P320 have occured. In fact, over the last few years, three police officers suffered a gunshot injury from involuntary firing and a Virginia sheriff’s deputy shattered her femur while simply removing her gun from her holster.

Too Little, Too Late?

These incidents did cause the gun manufacturer to announce a voluntary upgrade in August 2017. However,  it was still on a “voluntary” basis as there is no law saying a gun manufacturer has to fix defects with their products.

That is where the issue remains. Firearms, like the Sig Sauer pistol, are still being purchased with known injury causing defects because gun manufacturers do not want to miss out on the “big deal.”

While Americans should and do have the right to bear arms, the arms should be safe and secure. They shouldn’t be firing without the trigger being pulled. Thousands of injuries and deaths are happening as a result of these types of defects and gun manufacturers should be held responsible!

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