Judy Just Price

“My name is Judy Just Price and I have a conceal carry permit to carry a handgun in New Mexico.  On November 24th, 2009, I was almost killed from a defective Taurus Millennium handgun.  It discharged when my holster with the gun in it fell the to the floor.  Upon impact it discharged sending the bullet up into my stomach and it stopped in my liver–where it still remains.  I was NOT touching the trigger in any way.  The trauma doctor told my husband that It was 50/50 whether I would survive the accident.  I was in a coma for 9 days and on life support for 5 days.  Thanks to God, prayers and a great trauma doctor – I did, but it was a long journey for me and my husband.  I had 12 surgeries to repair the damage and I could have complications in the future from so much scar tissue.  Modern day firearms are supposed to be drop safe.  Taurus’s millennium guns are not.

My husband contacted Mr. Todd Wheeles at Morris Haynes, Attorneys at Law after we learned that my accident with the Taurus defective gun was accident number 2.  Accident number 1 was represented by Morris Haynes, Attorneys at Law.  We contacted Mr. Wheeles and he was very interested in our case and quickly made plans to come out to New Mexico to meet and personally speak with us.  That made us feel like help was on the way.  He was professional, caring, concerned, friendly, and knew about weapons.  He understood exactly what I said had happened when the accident occurred.

It took about a year before we could go forward with any legal action with Taurus – because I was still not well and it was imperative that I be as well as I was going be.  Mr. Wheeles had a great plan.  In February 2011 Mr. Wheeles found an outstanding videographer who he hired to tell my story to Taurus (which is on line).  It was an excellent idea and great way for the Taurus gun company to get to know what happened and get to know me and my family.  In August 2011, I settled with the Taurus Gun Company.  The Taurus Gun company, Mr. Wheeles, a local judge, and my husband and I sat down and came up with a settlement.  I was very happy that I didn’t have to go court.  Mr. Wheeles was very professional, knowledgeable, supportive, and immediately took control of the meeting.  Within an hour we had settled.  No amount of money could ever be enough to make me feel better for what the Taurus Gun Company put us through.  Since the settlement I have been able to share my settlement with my family and friends in need.  I know of at least 100 other accidents world-wide with the Taurus guns.  The gun is produced in Brazil and the Brazilian government makes the police officers there carry this gun.  I have personally been interviewed by the Brazilian media via skype and keep in contact with the police officers that have been injured when this gun has discharged.  The Taurus Gun Company has no scruples, and will not acknowledge that this weapon is defective.  Please do not buy any Taurus guns – it may cost you your life.  You can google my videos and story by using Judy Just Price and Taurus Gun Accident.

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