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Get the 411 on the Taurus Pistols

For more than 70 years, Forjas Taurus (“Taurus Forge”) has been known as one of the largest small arms manufacturers world-wide.

Recently, Taurus has been under fire for their repair or replacement program. The manufacturer  landed in court with several class-action lawsuits filed against their defective Taurus pistols.

Taurus Products

Thanks to these defects Taurus has spent millions in lawsuits, court and attorney fees, and more. However, people and organizations, including law enforcement, are still choosing their products with known defects.  

The following are nine pistols that the manufacturer has agreed to repair or replace as a result of settling the Carter v. Taurus class action lawsuit. Currently there is no repair.

  • Taurus PT 111 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-132 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-138-Millennium
  • Taurus PT-140 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-145 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-745 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-609
  • Taurus PT-640
  • Taurus PT-24/7

Even with a settled class-action that favored against Taurus, the company continues to claim that there is nothing wrong with the defective guns. Yet, upon settling, established their repair or replacement program. This denial is likely why gun owners are still choosing Taurus pistols when shopping for their next gun.

Protect Your Right. Protect Thyself!

Once a firearm has been manufactured it is up to the manufacturer to ensure that the gun is safe and ready to sale. There are no laws or test in place by the federal government that a gun must pass. This is a problem.

Accidental discharges put gun owners, their loved ones, and innocent bystanders in danger of harm, life threatening injuries, or even death. A gun should never fire on its own but that is exactly what is happening with these Taurus pistols.

If you are a gun owner, it is important to educate yourself on the products you purchase. Be sure there are no repairs and/or defects associated with the gun of your choosing. You have the right to bear arms but you also have the right safety.

Stay protected and in the know always!

At Morris Haynes, we specialize in these types of cases and would love the opportunity to consult with you if you think your firearm might have a defect, even if it’s not already on our list of guns with known defects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a free consultation.