Nerf guns are inspected more thoroughly than firearms

You teach your child how to properly handle a gun. He grips a gun and places his finger on the trigger. You rest assured knowing that the gun is safe and as long as he or she handles it properly.  But, what you don’t realize is that his toy nerf gun has been more thoroughly…

Attorney who prosecutes gun companies is a gun owner himself

You may think that an attorney that is passionate about protecting consumers from gun misfirings isn’t a gun lover, but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Todd Wheeles, a partner at Morris, Haynes, Knowles & Nelson. Wheeles, who began his career as a State Trooper in 1993, has a healthy…

U.S. Could Order Defective-Gun Recalls Under Lawmaker’s Bill

A congresswoman from Michigan has introduced legislation to allow the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue safety warnings and recalls of guns that are found to have safety defects. The press release mentions a Taurus case our firm is litigating that happened in Georgia. Read More

How Defective Guns Became the Only Product That Can’t Be Recalled

Taurus sold almost a million handguns that can potentially fire without anyone pulling the trigger. The government won’t fix the problem. The NRA is silent. By Michael Smith and Polly Mosendz Thomas “Bud” Brown makes his way out the back door and stops a few steps to the right, raising a trembling arm, pointing at something….

What is a Gun Defect?

In 2010, at least two dozen deaths and over 100 injuries were linked to unintended discharges from firearms due to defects. Though it is typically assumed the gun user is at fault for unintended discharge, this is not always the case.  There are many ways in which the gun industry can be held responsible for…