Month: February 2019

Get the 411 on the Taurus Pistols

For more than 70 years, Forjas Taurus (“Taurus Forge”) has been known as one of the largest small arms manufacturers world-wide.

Recently, Taurus has been under fire for their repair or replacement program. The manufacturer  landed in court with several class-action lawsuits filed against their defective Taurus pistols.

Taurus Products

Thanks to these defects Taurus has spent millions in lawsuits, court and attorney fees, and more. However, people and organizations, including law enforcement, are still choosing their products with known defects.  

The following are nine pistols that the manufacturer has agreed to repair or replace as a result of settling the Carter v. Taurus class action lawsuit. Currently there is no repair.

  • Taurus PT 111 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-132 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-138-Millennium
  • Taurus PT-140 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-145 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-745 Millennium
  • Taurus PT-609
  • Taurus PT-640
  • Taurus PT-24/7

Even with a settled class-action that favored against Taurus, the company continues to claim that there is nothing wrong with the defective guns. Yet, upon settling, established their repair or replacement program. This denial is likely why gun owners are still choosing Taurus pistols when shopping for their next gun.

Protect Your Right. Protect Thyself!

Once a firearm has been manufactured it is up to the manufacturer to ensure that the gun is safe and ready to sale. There are no laws or test in place by the federal government that a gun must pass. This is a problem.

Accidental discharges put gun owners, their loved ones, and innocent bystanders in danger of harm, life threatening injuries, or even death. A gun should never fire on its own but that is exactly what is happening with these Taurus pistols.

If you are a gun owner, it is important to educate yourself on the products you purchase. Be sure there are no repairs and/or defects associated with the gun of your choosing. You have the right to bear arms but you also have the right safety.

Stay protected and in the know always!

At Morris Haynes, we specialize in these types of cases and would love the opportunity to consult with you if you think your firearm might have a defect, even if it’s not already on our list of guns with known defects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a free consultation.


When Gun Manufacturers Don’t Speak Up

No matter the industry the goal in business is, for the most part, to land the big deal. For gun manufacturer Sig Sauer, the big deal was won in 2016 when the company secured a massive contract with the United States Army for the P320.

Problems arose when the Sig Sauer pistol was later found to go off by itself if impacted at a certain angle. However, the gun manufacturer decided to move forward with the deal despite this finding. Raising the question – what is more important? Money or safety?

A Popular Choice But Not a Safe Choice?

If the United States Army chooses to use a certain pistol, other entities such as law enforcement, are sure to follow suit. Meaning, this mega deal ultimately provided both the military and police officers with defective guns.

As a result, many accidents with the Sig Sauer P320 have occured. In fact, over the last few years, three police officers suffered a gunshot injury from involuntary firing and a Virginia sheriff’s deputy shattered her femur while simply removing her gun from her holster.

Too Little, Too Late?

These incidents did cause the gun manufacturer to announce a voluntary upgrade in August 2017. However,  it was still on a “voluntary” basis as there is no law saying a gun manufacturer has to fix defects with their products.

That is where the issue remains. Firearms, like the Sig Sauer pistol, are still being purchased with known injury causing defects because gun manufacturers do not want to miss out on the “big deal.”

While Americans should and do have the right to bear arms, the arms should be safe and secure. They shouldn’t be firing without the trigger being pulled. Thousands of injuries and deaths are happening as a result of these types of defects and gun manufacturers should be held responsible!

At Morris Haynes, we specialize in these types of cases and would love the opportunity to consult with you if you think your firearm might have a defect, even if it’s not already on our list of guns with known defects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a free consultation.


What Can Be Done About Gun Defects?

You hear about recalls all the time—whether online, on  television, or from a friend. A car seat is recalled for failing a safety test. Romaine lettuce  is recalled for containing E. coli bacteria. However, when a gun is defective, silence.

Despite the fact that the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) acknowledges that more than 40% of all new guns contain some type of defect. So why do we not hear about gun defects until an injury or death occurs? What can we do to make a change when it comes to gun defect laws in the United States?

The argument here is not about the right to bear arms. It is for law-abiding gun owners to be able to exercise this right without the fear of our guns going off on their own.

Gun Defects Need Attention

Did you know that the gun industry is the only consumer product industry in America that isn’t regulated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission? Everything else, from infant formula, to food additives, to microwave ovens and toasters are monitored to ensure they are safe for consumers and their families but guns are not.  

Why? Moreover, how is it that a product that can be lethal is not subject to the same oversight? When you consider the potentially life-changing outcomes of purchasing a defective firearm, the answer should be clear.

The Gun Industry Needs to Step Up

Since there is no federal agency ensuring that firearms are safety tested, gun manufacturers must act on their own to be sure their products are safe for customer to use. They are advised to follow testing protocols, like those suggested by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute, Inc. and the American National Standards Institute.

Through the application of better safety testing and engineering practices, the number of injuries and deaths caused by defective firearms can be greatly reduced. However, gun manufacturers must step up and do the right thing when a defect is noticed or reported. It is their sole responsibility to issue a recall and while some companies have in the past, many have not.

It is also worth noting that even in the best of circumstances the recall effort seems to be two steps behind. Most are not well-publicized or done in a timely manner.

From 2005 to 2010, one study recognized that approximately 3,800 Americans died due to unintentional shooting. If Congress and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission won’t step in, it’s time for the gun industry to pick-up the slack before another family is torn apart.

At Morris Haynes, we specialize in  defective firearm litigation and representing lawful gun owners. If you think your gun might have a defect, our attorneys at Morris Haynes  are ready and willing to help you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a free consultation.


When a Firearm Goes Defective

Imagine. You are at a family member’s home, relaxing. Your wife and your 11-year-old son are sitting on the couch.You take your Taurus PT 609 firearm and try to load the magazine into the pistol. However, the magazine doesn’t properly seat.

You get off the couch and walk over to the ceiling fan light to figure out what is wrong. Your wife and son remain seated on the couch watching television. For slight reinforcement,  you “bump” the magazine with the palm of your hand. Bang! The firearm goes off. You never even pulled the trigger.

Now you’re faced with the unimaginable reality that the 9mm round of the PT-609 hit both your son and wife. For Donald Dewayne Simms and his family, this event was very real, and it ended with the loss of his son, Donald Dewayne Simms, Jr.

A Defective Gun, A Life Lost

While the answers to why the Taurus PT-609 firearm went off without the trigger being pulled may never be found, one thing is certain. It was not the first time that this type of gun fired without the trigger being pulled.

In fact, weeks after the passing of his son, Dewayne discovered that for more than 18 months, a class action lawsuit had been pending in Miami, Florida. However Forjas, Taurus Holdings, and Taurus International refused to remove striker-fired handguns, which included the PT-609 that killed his son, from the market.

In other words, Taurus was aware of the potential risk that their product held. Still they failed to appropriately warn consumers, which could have Donald Simms Jr.’s life.

Gun Manufacturer’s Need to Step Up

U.S. citizens have the right to their Second Amendment and the right to bear arms but, firearm companies need to take action to keep their customers. This involves making sure to get information out to the public when a firearm they sell could have a potential (and deadly) defect.

When the safety is on, a gun should never go off. Period.

At Morris Haynes, we specialize in these types of cases and would love the opportunity to consult with you if you think your firearm might have a defect, even if it’s not already on our list of guns with known defects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a free consultation.